Battle Creek Michigan Notaries

Maintaining the public trust in our government and government officials by the public is critical in guaranteeing a system governed by laws. The rules of impartiality dictate that no one is ever refused the services of a notary public based on race, religion, politics, nationality or sexual preference.

The state requires all first-time notary applicants to go through an approved training course. This also applies to notaries who have let their notary license expire for over a year or have been fined for failure to comply with all of the regulations covering notary procedures as dictated by the state over the previous four years. Once the education process has been completed, persons seeking their notary public license can be sworn in.

Because banks and real estate offices initiate many documents that need notarizing, they normally will have one or more notary-public certified employees on duty. If a party walks in off the street and asks for the services of a notary in these businesses even if they are not a customer, the state requires a notary to perform their notarization duty. In most cases, the service is offered free of charge, but the notary does have the right to charge a nominal fee for their time.

List of Notaries in Battle Creek Michigan:

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